AJM is a service provider specialized in localization, internationalization, translation and DTP plus all language related tasks. AJM takes advantage of any state-of-the-art technology that arises through-out the world. We rely on our extensive experience to give us the ability to handle our clients’ demands and deliver the job as required. We rely on our qualified freelance resources to offer our clients an efficienthigh quality and cost effective service with a very fast turnover.

We might think of us as just another localization and internationalization provider. However, the key factors that distinguish us are both our quality and our prices. We perform our job by using those steps that ensure maximum quality, building confidence with our clients, and keeping them loyal to us. Moreover, we offer this level of quality with a fast turn around and within a budget that is within the reach of our clients.


Using the most effective resources to offer a high quality service to our clients helping them to reach out to more customers


To be the No. 1 multilingual service provider in the Middle East


Quality: This is the core of our services. We offer these services through a phased approach that surpasses the maximum quality expected by our clients.

Partnership: We see our clients as our partners. It is not just a job we do. We establish a relationship that relies on support, timely response, and cooperation.